Thank you everyone. I’m overwhelmed. Stay tuned for more about the April 2 event.

Alright! I’m going away for a few days. Matt Z is taking the weekend and Mike R is taking the weekdays so you’re in good hands. Please check in early for those guys so they know what’s going on. Thanks! I leave tomorrow but I’ll be coaching the morning. Expect some tough ones . . . as per usual.

Part A

3 Rounds

5 Empty BB Good mornings

3 Inch worms

:20 second Superman hold

Part B

5 Rounds

10 Cal Row

5-4-3-2-1 Deadlifts increasing weight each round

Part C

5 Rounds

1 Round DT 135/95

25 Ab Mat Situps

Performance: 115/80

Fitness: 95/65