Guys, if you’ve been following my Instagram you know that we’ve been posting about the Cheru Challenge being held at Thor on 4/2. The above two videos illustrate what we’re trying to acco,plish here by raising money. I’m pretty invested in this one emotionally so it would mean a lot if you have the means to contribute.

So the event is 4/2. I’ll explain more about that but tomorrow is actually World Water Day and World Vision has sponsors that will match all donations made all day on Tuesday. Here is the link to my donation page . . .

Mike Ventura – Fundraising For Team World Vision

So you can also start your own page and get people to sponsor you and come and do the Challenge on 4/2. Its basically kettlebell swings (or watercan swings) and running and we partner. Or donate to my page at the above link and also come and workout! All are welcome and I would love a big turnout.

If you miss Tuesday, no prob! We still need every dollar. But if you want it matched, Tuesday is a great day to contribute!

Thanks guys!

Part A

10 Minutes

100 Singles


10 Alt Rotating Push-ups

Part B

Build this complex

Hang Squat snatch plus 1 OHS

Part C

3 Rounds

AMRAP 4 Minutes

4 Hang Squat Snatches 95/65

6 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

8 Push-Ups

20 DU’s

1 Minute Rest, pick up where you left off

Scaled: 75/55, Pull-ups or banded strict pull-ups, 50 singles