This is a bit of a vague, slow, process. Details were released last night from New York State. Now the county has to make decisions and do inspections of our facility. Please read and contact me if you have any questions. Note that gyms with classes have more stringent requirements.

A few of the takeaways are:

  1. Yes, we do have to wear masks while exercising. I did my wod today with a mask. It’s less than ideal but it’s not terrible.
  2. For class based gyms, occupancy is limited to 33% of the average class size, meaning you have to leave 2/3 of exercise spots open. I’m shooting for between 8-10 per class

HVAC upgrades should be done by tomorrow. A special fogging disinfectant is being applied Friday.

Please note that I would love to get the gear back Thursday so that it can be fogged and disinfected. So if you borrowed anything please try to get over to the gym Thursday evening.

Drop off will be between 3 and 7 Thursday night. Please see if you can make it. If not, contact me and we’ll work something else out. Thanks!

Lastly, the classes will be spread out a little more in order to give time for our coaches to clean. We are tentatively looking at 5:30/6:45/9:30 in the morning. And 4:30/5:45/7:00 in the evening. More to come.

That’s where we are folks. Let’s do this.


4 Rounds

4 minutes

20 Pushups

20 Yard Bear Crawl

20 Air squats

Max burpees in remaining time

1 Minute rest

**Try to keep those scores even. Don’t come out too hot.