Well we got news. And . . . New York gym owners are more confused now!

But, here’s what we have so far. . .

Gyms can open as early as 8/24

EVERYONE must wear a mask

We need an updated filtration system

Max 33% occupancy. That puts us at 16 with coaches and members. However, if you read below, fitness classes might have different guidelines. We’ll be starting with 10 per class

Gyms can open as soon as 8/24. But . . .

The reopening plan requires local authorities to inspect gyms before or within two weeks of reopening. If local authorities choose, they can delay the reopening in their areas until Sept. 2, and conduct inspections within two weeks of that date. They may also push back the reopening of group fitness classes.

So. . . group fitness classes are in a little bit of a different category. I’d like to tentatively say we’ll be opening on 8/24. However, the county hasn’t even received the detailed protocols from the state. Suffolk could very well announce that they are pushing it back to 9/2. We are very much at the mercy of state and local government once again.

I am absolutely shooting for 8/24 but keep in mind that can change when the protocols come through. Stay tuned to Instagram for updated info.

On the blog tomorrow I’ll address equipment return. I’ll elaborate on how billing will work but basically, those of you who were current when the hold went into effect on 7/8 will have the same billing dates. However, in order to be fair to everyone I will not be reactivating those until 9/8 even if we open on 8/24.


Buy in-400 meter run

15 Minute AMRAP

10 jumping air squats

20 alt reverse lunges

30 Jumping jacks

40 hollow rocks

Cash out-400 meter run