We will be open Monday!

I’ll be releasing more info as the week goes on, but for now here’s what we have.

We are opening Monday. The new schedule will be:

Morning: 5:30/6:45/9:30

Evening: 4:30/5:45/7:00

Classes will be capped at 10. You will have to pre register. You will be able to do this up to 48 hours ahead of time. Every night on the blog there will be a link to a survey with 5 questions regarding your health. Click that and answer the questions. I will receive the results to that. You must fill that out to attend class. You can do it in the car before you come in or before you leave the house.

The common areas in the gym, like the bench and the coffee station will be taped off and inaccessible. The back area will also be inaccessible as that is reserved for private training sessions.

There will be cleaning stations at each rig spot. After the wod, you put your equipment away and wipe it down. Unfortunately no congregating after class as the coach will have to prep for the next class.

In the days to come, Triib will be updated to reflect the new schedule and I’ll address billing. If you were current on 7/8 you’re billing date will remain the same and you will not see a charge until after 9/8. So, if your card was charged on 7/7 you actually won’t be charged again until 10/7. Good news for you!

Also, the gear is in. I’ll be putting it together. It is very cool.

That’s it for now. Let’s get ready. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about anything.

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3 Rounds

20 Hollow rocks

10 alt DB snatches (use a DB, a kb, a small weight plate, or even a water jug

20 reverse crunches

10 Rotating push-ups

400 meter run