Part A

3 Rounds

8 KB Pull throughs

10 Ring Rows

50 Single Unders

Part B

Bench Press

Dual DB BENT Row

8/12/16 Bench

8-8-8 Row (Same weight all three sets. See video above)

For Bench, after a few warm-up sets, hit a heavy set of 8 that you can just barely get. Use the warm up sets to fine tune this and make a judgment of what you can get for 8.

Take a little weight off for the set of 12. Take off a little more for the set of 16 if need be. This should burn. Make sure that first set of 8 is a true working set.

For the Rows, pick a moderate set of DB’s and stay with it, i.e. 35/25

Part C

Amrap 9

12 Cal Row

6 Hang Power Clean 135/95

6 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95

24 DU’s

Rest until the 12 Minute Mark

Take 5 Minutes to find a heavy Clean and Jerk. (Power or squat)

Scaled: 95/65

48 Single Unders