I am begging you to watch this, especially the finish position. Straight arms, kettlebell finishes over the middle of the foot. Notice the kettlebell postion.

For Part C we have a repeat but we have something a little different. As in one of the past Open workouts, you can choose how to partition these reps any way you want. So come up with a rep scheme and get it done. Get the reps and then finish with your 1k row.

We’ve done a lot of rowing lately but with the winter and not getting outside as much, the rower is a great tool to use to keep that heart rate up. Although the assault bike burns more, the rower is a full body workout that really hits everything. Also, there was no rower in the Open last year and I think it will be making a comeback in February. Expect to see some previous Open workouts work their way into our programming starting soon.

Part A

4 Rounds

10 Cal Row

5 Dual Front Rack KB Squats (elbows down)

5 PVC Shoulder dislocates


Front Squat


Part C


40 Front Squats 135/95

80 Kettlebell swings 53/35

Cash out: 1000 meter row

**Partition front squats and kettlebell swings any way you want**


FITNESS: 95/65, 44/26