So far, so good. The new format seems to be popular and we’re getting a lot of work in everyday. Thanks for the Venmo. For those who asked, in a few weeks we’ll activate that link again to order gear. Matt and I are testing out masks for the logo and I think he found a good one. I tested it today and it felt good.

Part A

5 Rounds

10/8 Cal Assault Bike

5 Double Push-Up Burpees

Part B

12 Minute EMOTM

Even: 10 Alt Dual Front Rack KB Lunge 35/26

Odd: :30 Plank

Part C

3 Rounds

4 Minute AMRAP

10 SDHP 75/55

10 Push Press 75/55

10 Burpees

2 Minute Rest

Continue where you left off, each round.

Fitness: 55/35