What a great Sunday we had ditching those masks and getting some sun and air. Great job to all those who crushed some thrusters.

Announcement: The apparel is ready. It will be at the gym Monday morning. The best and easiest payment method would be VENMO so if you have that, perfect. If not we can do cash. Huge thanks to Matt McGuire and The Sport Loft as the gear looks really good!

Okay, on to the workouts. We had a great week of workouts. I was really impressed how everybody handled everything. Awesome work!

Also, check out the above video on this new movement. Let’s engage those abs before our toes to bars/knee raises/v-ups. The scaled version of that is to bring that seat toward you with bent knees instead of that straight legged pike position you see above. Let’s give it a shot. You can do it. I saw a lot of people on Friday that thought they had no chance at knee jumps but got them!

Part A

3 Rounds

500 Meter Row

10 Rower Jack Knifes

10 Box Jumps

Part B


Bench Press

Ring Row

Something you can do unbroken for 15

Part C


5 Power Cleans 155/105

10 Toes To Bar

15/12 Cal Row

Performance: 135/95

Fitness: 95/65, Kipping Knee Raises or V-Ups