Thursday is here! The Open start today! Sign up and make it legit. Judging and being judged is a great way to get a feel for you reps and your ROM. This will make you a better CrossFitter.

We’re running it Saturday with heats at 8 and 9. Check out the The CrossFit Games site for all the info.

10 Minute Stations, 3 Minutes Rest

Station 1

12/10 Cal Bike Erg

15 DB Goblet Cyclist Squats (narrow stance) 50/35

5 Double Push-Up Burpee

Station 2

15/12 Cal Assault Bike

25 Russian KB Swings 53/35

Station 3

12/10 Cal Row

10 Lying Leg Raises (See video above but stay in hollow with head and shoulders up)

20 Bicycle Kicks

Station 4

10/8 Cal Ski

10 Empty Barbell Curls 45/35

8 Box Jumps 20/14