Alright! There it is! Wall Walks, box jump overs and DB snatches. I think we’re ready! Register for 8 or 9 on Saturday. We’ll be running heats from 8-10. Come work out, come help judge etc. We’ll stay till we get everyone done!

Okay so for Friday we have some cardio and an emotm. It will be good work but reasonable numbers. Come on in and sweat, or take the day and get ready for Saturday!

Part A

15 Minutes

100 Single Unders

:30 Second Plank

15 Cals Cardio of Choice

25 Abmat Situps

Part B

Emotm 20

Minute 1

12/10 Cal Row

Minute 2

10 Hang Power Cleans 95/65 plus 5 Air Squats

Minute 3

15/12 Cal Assault Bike

Minute 4