The LuRong Challenge has started this week and I know many of you signed up to get focused on eating healthy and training consistently. I love talking to everyone before and after class, but I had a conversation with one of your fellow CrossFitters (nothing to do with the challenge) who said something brilliant … simple but brilliant.  We were talking about making things work in life in general and  “setting yourself up for success.” You can apply this to the challenge and every day life!!

If you want to be successful in the challenge do the following:

* meal prep: prepare meals for the day and days to follow

* be prepared: have healthy snacks on hand for those times you get hungry between meals to avoid cheating

* get rid of the crap in the house. If it’s in your house, you will more than likely eat it.

* support: ask your family members to support you and keep their unhealthy food out of sight.

* Stop making excuses: Stop blaming work, kids, spouses ect for your absence in the gym and bad eating habit. Lame, lame, lame… I’ve heard it all.  Take control of your life and SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS. You are in control of everything you do in life. I’m tired of hearing the excuses … get it done. 


Choose a weight that you want to work on technique for the following sequence 5 x:(don’t go heavy. Save it for the workout)

1 power clean (above the knee)

1 power clean (below the knee)

1 power clean (from the floor)

CrossFit WOD:

10 min time cap:

1000 meter row

1 RM power clean in time remaining

*** you will have your bar set up empty with bumper plates set out.  Have a game plan as to what you want to hit for a 1 RM and plates needed.