Today is the first benchmark wod from the LuRong Challenge.  Click HERE for the standards.  This is the wod for all of those not in the challenge as well. Be sure to get your score so it can be entered. There is a score card that is printed up to record your results.


Front squats

5 x 3

Use the same weight for each set. Do not increase the weight.

CrossFit WOD:

“LuRong benchmark wod #1”

amrap 7 min:

5 Front squats

7 bar facing burpees

Level 1 65#/35#

Level 2 95#/65#

Level 3 155#/115#

Your score is as many Reps as possible.  One round = 12 reps

Mini wod #1:

amrap 5 min:

Level 1 singles

Level 2 Double unders

Level3 triple unders

Your score is total number of reps in 5 minutes. Mini wods do not have to be judges or scores entered.  Athletes in the challenge get extra points for doing the mini wods