You guys are absolutely killing it. Great work so far. Way to adapt to the conditions! Let’s continue reserving class anywhere from 48 hours to one hour before class and filling out that survey first thing in the morning!

Let’s hit a little different version of BLAZE. I missed this logo!

This is great calorie burning work and promotes recovery. We’ll cycle these movements like an AMRAP for 40 Minutes. We’re not trying to break records here, just moving with purpose. This is a great way to burn a ton of calories, get some core work, and still feel recovered and ready to go the next day. If you’re feeling lactic on the bike or rower, slow it down a bit. Come in and try it!

40 Minutes

750 meter Row

:30 second ring plank (stay slightly hollow)

1500 Meter Bike erg/or 30 cal assault

:30 second dual KB front rack hold ( 53/35)

:60 seconds single unders

Scaled: Regular plank, 35/26 (This is still not easy. Grab something you can handle)