Hey warriors! Great work yesterday. Let’s finish the week strong.

I’ve had some questions about SHRED. I’m going to bring it back but not right now. I want to use Sunday as a day to get rid of those masks for a while. So I’m going to make Sunday an outside day. We’ll bring our equipment out back and hit some good barbell and cardio with no masks. The weather looks good for Sunday. No pre registration and no cap on attendance. The survey is still mandatory.

Speaking of running we have some today!

Part A

3 Rounds

200 Meter Run

10 Kettlebell pull throughs 35/26

250 Meter Row

10 KB Swings

Cash out . . .

6 knee jumps We’ll see if we can get some of these going. This is a great explosive move to do before oly lifts.

Part B

Hang Power Snatch with pause in the catch

3 Rounds


Rest 2 Minutes

We’ll stay light and lock in technique

Part C

14 Minute AMRAP

7 Power snatches 95/65

7 Pull-ups

14 Push-ups

200 Meter Run

Scaled 75/55, Pull-Ups, Bike