Hey guys! Good news. On day 2 of gyms being open, we were one of the first gyms to be inspected by the health department . . . and we passed with flying colors! A big thanks to Patty, Matt Z and Nelson for their help over the weekend. And thanks to you guys for being supportive with compliance and filling out your surveys. It was awesome to have them match up perfectly with attendance for the inspector.

So we move on! Okay, so I was back and forth about this but I’ve heard from some people who miss it, so we are going to keep the Fusion Sugarwod for workout tracking. But please, especially during this phase of masks etc., use it for tracking and data, community and congratulating your fellow athletes. You should never feel down after looking at it! We’re just trying to move well and be fitter than we were yesterday!

Okay, we’ve been easing into it, but this one is a little spicier. Don’t forget with the slight changes to the format, think of the session as a full hour of work with all parts being equally important. So Part A is very solid work to be done at a warm up pace, but it is just as important to your fitness as Part C. Part B will be strength builds where the reps and tempo will change week to week, eventually heading towards heavy singles strength gains!

Notice: With the new signup procedure, you can reserve up to 48 hours before the class, but no later than an hour before class.

Thanks! This really helps the coach!

Part A

Male 30-20-10 Assault Bike Cals Female 24-16-8

10-10-10 Alt step ups 24/20-use whatever height your comfortable with. Minimum push off with plant foot

15-10-5 Supinated grip ring rows

10-10-10 Alt Step Ups

Part B

Front Squat



3 second negative, 1 second in hole. NO BOUNCE, JUST DRIVE

2-3 Minutes rest in between sets

This is a lot of time under tension. This is the first week of this build. Hit a light warm up set to get the feel. And then start with a moderate weight and work to a tough set of 6. This will give you a feel for how to proceed in weeks to come.

Part C

9 Minute AMRAP

6 thrusters 95/65

9 Toes To Bar

6 Thrusters 95/65

9 Burpees

Fitness: 75/55, V-Ups