Only 4 more sleeps!

Thanks to everyone who brought their equipment back! I had a Zoom conference call with Suffolk County and gym owners today. They really do want us open. There are tons of protocols but there are plenty of resources available to help us pass inspection. We just have to do what’s asked of us and work together.

Just to reiterate, we will be opening Monday.



You must pre-register. You can do this up to 48 hours in advance. You must also fill out the daily survey. This will be a link posted on the blog with the workout. You will not be able to come to class without that as I have to provide those logs to the county in order to pass inspection. Once you complete the survey, I will have record of the results in my email. You don’t have to print it or bring it with you or anything. Just 5 questions and done.

On the subject of Triib, if you had asked me to stop running your card, please reach out to me if you’re ready to come back so I can activate you again. Otherwise Triib will not let you register.

Oh, some good news, if we run you can pull your mask down. Water breaks are also a great way to get some mask relief. Keep a bottle at your station. We can do this.

Alright, not too many of these home wods left. Try this if you want! And stay tuned to the blog and IG for updated info.


Part A

12 Minutes

35 Double Unders

10 Alt step ups

35 Jumping Jacks

10 Bench or chair Dips

Part B

10 Minute Emotm

Minute 1

:30 plank

Minute 2

25 Tuck Ups