We’re sticking with 5 rounds of 4 minute stations and going two times through for Thursday. Let’s get it done! And. . . don’t forget 20.3 announcement Thursday night. I’m feeling a short, heavy workout. Whaddya think? Maybe a skill? Whatever it is, we’ll give it what we got and hit it hard just like the last two!

New movement!! DB sit-ups. Your coach will go over these. If they’re uncomfortable there will be a substitute movement. Well ,actually they are uncomfortable, but they’re good, so give it a shot. It’s all RX so pick something you’re comfortable with. 50/35 is prescribed but anything will do.

Station 1

200 Meter Run

200 Meter Overhead Plate Carry 45/35

Station 2

2 Rounds

10/8 Assault Bike

15 Anchored DB Situps 50/35/25

Station 3

2 Rounds

200 Meter Row

30 Empty Barbell Bench Press 45/35/15

15 Empty Barbell Curls 45/34/15

Station 4

2 Rounds

25 Tuck Ups

45 second plank

Station 5

500/450 Meter Ski

500/450 Meter Bike erg