Guys!!!! One more sleep till 20.1 announcement! Excited?

We’ll be running Open gym Saturday morning. I’ll post the hours. Come in to the gym Saturday, and I’ll have heats posted on the board that you can sign up for. Sign up for a heat that will give you reasonable time to do the warm up and get ready. If you’re not signing up for the Open, come in anyway and do the workout! I can’t organize heats too far in advance because we need to see the workout to determine time, spacing, etc.

On Monday, we will have our regular Thor Fitness wod plus a redo option. Your coaches are here for you. We’ll figure it out.

You guys have worked really hard the last two weeks. We’ve had some brutality. So no burpees and a 40 minute Blaze! Enjoy your active recovery!

5 Stations, 4 minutes each station, 2 times through!

Station 1

2 Rounds

500 Meter Bike Erg

50 Jumping Jacks

Station 2

40/30 Cal Assault Bike

Station 3

2 Rounds

15/12 Cal Row

10 DB Box Step Ups (20″Box, 25-35# men, 15#-25# women)

Station 4

2 Rounds

25 Toe Touch Crunches

25 Crunches

Station 5

2 Rounds

25 Jumping Lunges

15/12 Cal Ski