This is going up before the official 20.1 Announcement but as you wait, remember a few things. Its fun to guess what the first wod will be. And we all have things we want to see or we don’t want to see. But remember, how much control do we have over that? Zero percent. How much control do we have over our effort and perseverance on game day? One hundred percent! Let’s focus on that and having fun.

But first we have Friday! For Friday, we’re going to do a little strength work first and then go to a cardio/bodyweight wod.


4 Round Superset

8 Bench Press

8 DB Row per arm (50/35)

We’ll pick a weight somewhere in the area of 40-50% of our one rep max and work through it deliberately.



2000/1800 Meter Row

Every minute on the minute, stop and perform 5 Ring and 10 Push-ups

SCALED: Every 90 seconds