It pains me to not be posting a SHRED wod!!!! But hopefully before we know it we’ll be back to 3-2-1 go!!!

I’m going to make Sunday an optional off day/active recovery day. But the directive is to try to get outside and play. Bike ride, hike, walk, jog, have a catch, play a sport, etc. We’ll take a break from pounding lunges, air squats, etc.

P.S. While you’re out, scope out where you can get some pulling in. Monkey bar for pull-ups. Maybe a low monkey bar for bodyweight inverted rows. I’ll try to get some of that in this week.

Okay, next. So if you check Sugarwod tomorrow, you will see a workout that isn’t a workout. I’m going to use tomorrow’s Sugarwod as a message board for members. In talking to people today, I heard people offer gear to each other. I got great accounting advice from another member. I found out another member is a carpenter who had a job canceled and has time to maybe be hired? I also heard from a nurse that asked me if we have any members that might have contractor’s masks that can donated to the hospital. So . . . maybe we can help each other. If you have questions, services to offer, need equipment, need services, or have ideas, throw it out there and people can respond or take it off line etc.

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. But, “what the hell do we have to lose?”

Hang in there Thor Fitness people and thanks for everything!