My message today is not to lose hope. Friday was a tough day for NY, but maybe these new drugs will work and everything will loosen up in two weeks. We have to stay positive and get our fitness in and keep those endorphins rocking. I’m getting amazing pics and results from people who are hitting these workouts hard. Let’s keep it up.

Alright guys, time for a little resistance training. Let’s pound the legs and arms and get outside. We have to make use of the track today and hopefully the bleachers if you can.

So grab a backpack, load it up with books or something heavy and comfortable and let’s go.


3 Rounds

400 Meter Run (unweighted)

30 Backpack curls (two hands, one on each strap)

30 Alternate Backpack step ups on bleacher or to any elveated object.

30 lateral jumps over backpack