Today was pretty awesome judging and watching everyone perform the Open wod 15.1/15.1a. There were so many new clean and jerk PR’s today! Don’t forget to put your PR on the board! ¬†Thanks to everyone who helped judge today. We have a team of 31 this year. The more judge’s the better. If you did not get in today for judging, please do it over the weekend or Monday morning. Scores have to be in by Monday 5pm.¬†

CrossFit WOD:

The Ghost (Main site)

6 rds:

1 min rowing (cal)

1 min burpees

1 min double unders

1 min rest

Try for as many reps of each exercise not just for total score. Post separate totals of calories rowed, burpee and double under reps completed.


Push press 5 x 2 @ 70% of jerk pause 2 seconds overhead

Snatch shrugs ( pulls) from blocks 115% x 5, 125% x 5

Clean shrugs (pulls) from blocks 115% x 5, 125% x 5

Work up to a 2 RM front squat in no more than 8 sets

Accessory work: reverse back extensions 3 x 15