There are still some peeps who are registered for the Open and have not been judged. Please come in today and get it done. Those that have been judged, don’t forget to enter your scores in your profile. I have to validate by Monday night. Please don’t wait until the last minute.

Starting Monday, March 9th I’m excited to let you all know that a 4 pm class will be officially open Monday – Friday! As you know, I’ll be making this announcement quite a bit over the next week as a reminder.

If you’re taking a rest day, enjoy!!

CrossFit WOD:

50 air squats

5 power snatches

40 air squats

10 power snatches

30 air squats

15 power snatches

20 air squats

20 power snatches

10 air squats

25 power snatches

RX 75#/55#

RX+ 95#/75#

L1 55#/35#