The CrossFit Games 2015 Open 15.1 open wod has been announced and it’s pretty awesome!! I will be posting the Open workouts every Friday. If you are registered and can’t make it in on Friday to be judged, be sure to get it in over the weekend. Scores have to be in by Monday 5 pm. Check out the workout and standards¬†HERE. Good luck to everyone! We have a team of 30 registered and ready to kill it!! Good luck everyone.

CrossFit  GAMES 2015 OPEN WOD 15.1

With a 15 minute clock perform two workouts. There is no rest in between!

complete as many reps as possible in 9 min:

15 Toes to bar

10 deadlift 115#/75#

5 snatches 115#/75#

OPEN WOD 15.1a

1 rep max clean and jerk

6 min time cap