Hey guys. I hope everyone is staying healthy and smart! Keep it up. I’ve gotten a lot of awesome messages from you guys with questions, comments, ideas, and support. What an awesome group. Thanks!

So a site that I follow suggested getting outside and unplugging a bit during the workout. No headphones, no phone. Listening to the surroundings. Then someone from South Africa commented they were under martial law and couldn’t go outside. It kind of crushed the vibe. lol

But, for Monday we have a run. It’s a 5k run. If you can evade the authorities and use a track, do it. (Some of you know my favorite refrain to my favorite Rage song)

If not, drive around your neighborhood for 3.1 miles on the odometer and then run it. I would love to see scores on SugarWod for this. Maybe leave the headphones and phone behind and just listen to what’s going on.


5k Run

Run, jog, walk, do a combination. Just travel 3.1 miles outside