Let’s start Monday off with an athlete profile from Chrissy Manello! Profiles like this like many others, make me realize how Thor Fitness has been a big part of the member’s lives like Chrissy. Thank you for your loyalty over the years Chrissy!!

Where do you live? I live in Hauppauge with my husband, Andrew and our beautiful little twinnies, Francesca and Giuliana. I grew up in Nesconset and always wanted to stay in the area and have our kids grow up here.

What brought you to Thor Fitness? In 2012, my brother had joined Thor Fitness at the original location on the LIE service road in Hauppauge with one of his best friends, Matt Zausin. Like many people who find their way to Patty, I had no direction at the regular gym, going intermittently, not particularly interested in anything I was doing or getting results for that matter. I followed my brother there and took an intro class. I have never been an athlete in my entire life. Participator. Yes. Not a great runner, nervous competing in things, but liked being part of something to feel motivated. I started to love how my body was changing after taking classes and I didn’t have to overthink it. I remember doing a Paleo Challenge at that location with before and after photos hung up on the wall, and received so much info on nutrition that, In turn, helped me reach weight goals for myself and get some food-related stomach issues under control. I felt like i was getting so much out of being part of Thor Fitness. I kept following Patty to every location! No matter what life obstacle occurred, I always came back. There is a driving force there that is hard to explain. Especially difficult trying to explain it to other people who have criticism and don’t understand what is to be gained from CrossFit.

What were your goals? Have you achieved them?
Over the years my goals have been ever-changing. When I started, I thought I wanted to be “thinner”. My mind-set began to rapidly change.. I loved feeling stronger and trying things I never thought I could do. I genuinely stopped weighing myself.
I started to care way less about that number and so much more about how I felt and the confidence gained. That is an ongoing goal for me. Mental toughness. Persevering when things get hard. I try to take that with me everyday I leave the gym and I think that is an understated positive takeaway.
As far as fitness goals, I completed a 5k which I had always wanted to. Competed in a few competitions even though it gives me anxiety! Participated in multiple Opens and now I even willingly signup! I recently PRed my mile run which was a big deal for me and now makes me want to work harder.

What do you do when you are not at the gym? When I’m not at the gym I am either at work as a Surgical ICU RN at Stonybrook, which I have been for almost ten years, or I am keeping my tiny humans entertained doing mom-type things. I love Nursing and it is a huge part of who I am. It has really has helped me with multi-tasking with twins! Both equally exhausting, but I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s a good balance. And coming to the gym keeps me sane and is something I get to do for me. Definite stress reliever. Other than that, I’m sitting at home with Andrew after the kids go to bed, sipping an adult beverage and falling asleep on the couch 👍

What crossFit exercise or lifts are your favorite and least favorite? I really like deadlifts and cleans. I’m still a little tentative when it comes to snatches and overhead squats. I don’t always fully commit and it stops me from progressing in weight. Pull-ups and double unders are my nemesis. I’m really trying with the double unders lately but the pull-ups need some serious work and time
Investment. Endurance WODs are tough for me as I start to crap out about around 12-15 minutes. But my runs are improving, and for some weird reason I really like running with sandbags or medballs.

Any other tid bit info….
What I love about CrossFit, personally, is how no matter what is going on in life, it has remained a constant fixture. You can always come back to it and feel humbled. Have kids, come back. Break your foot (which I did) work your way back. Aches and pains somewhere, you can still come in and scale somehow. It’s frustrating, but you can always put in work and get your strength and mental well-being back. Having Andrew join with me was really motivating and fun to do together as well. We spend a lot of our time at the gym and the girls have basically grown up at Thor Fitness. I may never be a star athlete but that’s ok. Feeling stronger and healthier feels just as good and I can deadlift the couch to change-out the rug, so I’m pretty satisfied.

A. Strength

Front squat


B. “Tear Jerker”

5 rds:

10 push press 95/65 RX+ 115/85

15 cal assault bike

10 sdhp

10 front squats

C. Accessory work: 40-30-20-10


Arch rocks

Then 3 x 1 minute holds in the squat position w an empty bar