October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Thor Fitness has been involved in Barbells For Boobs fundraiser for 7 years. Let’s come together as a team to raise money to fight breast cancer once again. I started a team on Barbells for Boobs. I have a Saturday in November in mind to come together to do our fundraising wod Grace. I’ll keep you posted on the date. In the meantime, start fundraising. Click HERE to get registered and join the Thor Fitness team.

It was a great day meeting everyone who brought a friend in for Bring a Friend to Thor Fitness Day! I took some great pictures, and will put them together on an album for FaceBook. 

And who is ready for this row challenge Gruesome Duesome for the month of October?? Teams are formed and many have started accumulating meters rowed as of today, Sunday, October 1. If you want to put a wager on it, teams are putting in $20 per team for winning team takes all. This is optional. I’ll be collecting money for those that want to put in.

The apparel order sheets are printed up and ready for you!! We have hoodies, zip or pullover. There’s long sleeve hooded t’s , thermals, a beanie and hot/cold mugs. I’m bringing back the skull for hoodies and thermals. There are two separate order sheets for this. I’ll give you a hand placing your order on the correct form.

A. Active warm up – coach’s choice

B. Strength:

Tempo back squat

5 sec down

5 sec hold

5 sec up

7 x 1 50% of 1 rm back squat


C. Metcon:

amrap 20 min

Max power cleans. Every time you break run 150 Meter.

Score is total number of power cleans.

RX 135#/95#

Level 1 weight will be decided by your coach.