Today is Bring a Friend to Thor Fitness!! Please arrive early so I can waiver them out. 

CrossFit TEAM WOD:

Teams of 2

One athlete is working while the other is in assigned static hold. If the athlete in static hold drops the other athlete must stop and switch or continue when partner starts static hold again.  Divide reps up as you want. The run will be divided.

150 box jump up and overs 24″/20″  while partner is in plank hold on elbows

100 situps while partner is in static hold in a squat at the bottom

400 meter run ( 200 meters each. One athlete runs at a time)

150 alternating lunges while partner is in static hold on pull up bar

100 kb swings 53#/35# while partner plank holds on the side

400 meter run (200 meters each)

150 air squats while partner holds plate overhead

100 kb sdhp 53#/35# while partner holds in hollow rock

400 meter run (200 meters each)