This Wednesday night @ 6:15 I will be adding another Weightlifting class with Mike. The CrossFit class will be going on at the same time as well. Those of you who can’t make it on Saturdays for Weightlifting, this is your chance to get some great tips on your weightlifting and oly lifts.

Don’t forget to place your apparel order ASAP. I have the order forms by the whiteboard. 

Thor Fitness has a team formed for Barbells For Boobs once again. Join the team and start fundraising. I will announce the date for us to get together and do the fundraiser wod Grace. It will be a Saturday in November. 

 Active Group warm up

A. Strength:

Front squat

3 sets x (3 @ 85% 1 @ 95%)


Amrap 15 min

60 du’s

30 wall balls 20#/10′ 14#/9″

15 T2B

Level 1:

amrap 15 min:

60 single unders

30 wall balls 12#/8# 8′

15 medball situps

C. 400 meter run cooldown