Normal hours this weekend with plans for an outside Sunday. Labor Day will be weekend hours. 8 and 9:15

One other note. Huge shout out to Nelson. He’s taking a step back from coaching for awhile to focus on his business. Nelson is an educated and enthusiastic coach and I can’t wait for him to come back! He’s still part of our family! Thanks for everything Nelly G.

Good work Thursday with that core and cardio. For Friday we’ll get back to the barbell. Strength is snatch grip floating deadlift. We’re going to wide grip that bar, narrow stance, knees out, back straight and deadlift it to the standing postion. From there we are going to to take 3 seconds to descend and NOT touch the ground, and then bring those hips in and extend back to starting position. This is a great posterior chain exercise including glutes, hams and back. Let’s push.

Part A

3 Rounds

21 cal assault bike

:20 second/side single leg Glute bridge hold

10 Ring face pulls

Part B

Snatch Grip Floating Deadlift



Part C

5 Rounds

Every 4 Minutes

12 Wall Balls

9 Deadlifts 225/155

12 Wall Balls

9/7 Cal Assault

Score is slowest round

Bike erg is RX if no assault bike available.

Performance: 155/105

Fitness: 115/80

Guys use platforms on whiteboard side if its crowded and walk through to the targets. Ladies keep their equipment by the wall ball wall.