1. Don’t forget to set up a Barbells For Boobs fundraiser page. We will be doing the benchmark workout Grace (30 clean and jerks) on Saturday Nov 6th. Click HERE for the link.

2. The weightlifting class will be starting up again with Santiago on Saturday, October 10th @ 10 am. This class will help you all get ready for our in-house throwdown which will be held sometime in November.  I’m sure he’d be happy to program the workouts during this class to help those interested get ready to compete. And if you’re not interested in competing, it will still be geared toward a weightlifting program to help you with technique, form and range of motion on weightlifting.   I’ll be announcing details soon on the throw down. Start thinking about getting involved. There will be scaled and RX standards. The workouts will be awesome and judged by your fellow Thor Fitness CrossFitters. This throw down is for Thor Fitness peeps only.

3. Family and Friends Day is Saturday, October 10th during the 8 and 9 am class. If you have someone interested in CrossFit and can’t make it in that day, let me know and we’ll work out another day that will work. If you bring someone in for Family and Friends Day and they sign up for the Elements program, you will get $50 off your next month’s membership.

4. Who would like to spend a day out East on Saturday, October 17th (weather permitting)  playing a friendly game of  beach football at my family beach house in Riverhead? ! Let’s do something fun outside before the cold weather hits.


5 sets:

1 push press + 1 split or push jerk

Increase the weight with each set

CrossFit WOD:(main site)

amrap 15 min:

5 squat cleans 155#/105#

5 burpee over bar (bar facing or lateral)

Rest 5 min (app:)

For time

50 med ball wall sit ups 20#/14#