Each year Thor Fitness participates in two fundraisers that I feel are very important which is Memorial Day Murph and Barbells for Boobs.  I’ve created a Thor Fitness team once again for Barbells for Boobs.  For those interested in raising money for this great cause and meeting up to do the benchmark workout Grace (30 clean and jerks) we will meet on Saturday, November 7th in the am (probably 9am.) We’ve had a great turnout over the last few years and have also raised quite a bit of money as a team. Create your individual fundraising page and in the process join the Thor Fitness team. You will be able to see all the other individuals that join as well as the amount of money they raise as well. Click HERE for the link to get started to fundraising by setting up a page. The way most of us raise money is by posting it on Facebook.  If you work in an office situation, this is another great way to fundraise by asking co-workers for a donation. It doesn’t have to be a lot! If you raise $80 you will automatically receive a Barbells for Boobs t shirt.

Another announcement I have is that I would like to put an in-house competition together!! Who is interested? I know many of you would love to do a competition for the first time and why not in your own backyard? It’s time to get your feet wet! I was thinking of putting this together for November. Give me your feedback!!

And the third announcement is the date for Friends and Family. This will be held on Saturday, October 10th. The workout will not be technical. Feel free to bring in someone for the 8 or 9 am class. Now is your time to introduce CrossFit to those  in your life that are curious to know what you’ve been doing to get fit. and meet all of your CrossFit friends. 


Kelvin doing 1 legged jump rope with an injured ankle in Wod #2 of Wod Wars

Way to go Kelvin!



Take 15 minutes to work up to 5 rm then perform 5 reps @ 95% and 5 reps @ 90%

CrossFit WOD:

1000 meter row buy in:


kb swings 53#/35# RX+ 70#/44#

box jumps 24″/20″ RX+ 30″/24″