Yes, today is the last 4 pm class. I know some of you really liked this time slot but when the 4 pm class was busy the 5 was dead and when the 4 was slow … it was sooo slow like two people for several days in a row.  It was too inconsistent for now. So hang in there.  Maybe I can bring the 4 pm back three times a week. I don’t like having classes with two to four people when there’s usually 10 to 15 people. So never say never.


Power clean

Build to a heavy single

EMOM x 1 for 10 min

The clock will start for a ten minute EMOM. Have your bumper plates set out and build to a heavy single power clean every minute on the minute for ten minutes. Try not to be late. Strength will start after warm up. Please don’t be late!!

CrossFit WOD:


power clean 115#/85# RX+ 135#/115#


50 double unders  or 150 singles after each interval.  You are ending on double unders or singles


3 x 10 – 12 reps barbell roll outs