As of today Thor Fitness is a part of the Sweat Angel community.  What does this mean?  Every time you come to Thor Fitness, please check in on FaceBook. Every check in does something good like providing meals for kids or building schools.  Every month a new charity will benefit by you checking in for class.  This is perfect because the CrossFit community loves to participate and give to important causes.  So don’t forget to check in when you get to class!


snatch (squat)

5 x 3 add 5 – 10# from last week

CrossFit WOD:

15 min:

1 power snatch + 4 burpees

2 power snatch + 4 burpees

3 power snatch + 4 burpees

4 power snatch + 4 burpees

RX 115#/85# RX+ 135#/105#

Keep going up by 1 on the power snatch until failure to complete in the minute.  Go back to 1 plus + 4 burpees.  Your score is the round and reps you completed before failing.