Okay, for Wednesday we’ll be able to put our pacing skills to the test. Max calorie assault bike in ten minutes. This will be Part C. We’ll leave out the heavy barbell today. The format for today will be a cardio warm-up, then am empty barbell AMRAP, a rest, and then we hit the bikes.

If we have more people than assault bikes, we’ll just go off in heats. It’s only ten minutes. Come on in and get your work in. With the snow we might not be open Thursday. And don’t let Part B fool you. It’s no joke.

Part A

10 Minutes

100 Single Unders

50 Jumping Jacks

25 Air Squat

Part B

8 Minute AMRAP

Empty Barbell

18 Hang Cleans

15 Push Presses

12 Front Squats

9 Thrusters

Part C

10 Minute Max Calorie Assault Bike

*Set bike for Target time