No updates today on gyms.

We’ll get right to the Wednesday metcon and try to sneak in some track work before the rain.

Let’s hit some 400 meter repeats. And, if you are doinfg tour own programming (which I highly encourage,) remember, the body has different metabolic pathways. When we hit wods at the same intensity and duration every day, we are only improving one of those pathways. To be a well prepared Crossfit athlete, we need to train short intense wods, longer wods at moderate paces, interval training etc.

As an example, if you constantly train your body and CNS to work hard for 8 minutes and collapse, when faced with an Open workout or a team wod in a competition where you have to go hard, stop, and be ready to go again, your body and mind will not be prepared.

Here are some work/rest intervals.


5X400 meter runs

rest the amount of time that it took to run the 400

Score is final time so let’s push it.

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