We have Fran for Wednesday.

For those of you new to CrossFit, Fran is a benchmark workout that is a classic 21-15-9 couplet. Simple in concept, not so simple in execution. It is used by many as a metric to gauge improvements in one’s level of fitness. Every CrossFitter should know their Fran time so for those of you who haven’t done it, you will now have a Fran time! This workout is meant to be fast. There should be no time spent with the chalk bucket or water bottle. You should be fighting for every rep till the end. If you can’t do Pull-ups, you can hit ring rows or banded pull-ups or jumping pull-ups. Anything to keep you moving and pulling. Let’s get everyone in and set some PR’s!

Check out Greg Glassman, the CrossFit founder and inventor of Fran tell the story of it’s origin.


12 Minute EMOTM

Even Minute: 12/9 Cal Row

Odd: 2 Squat clean thrusters

Increase weight each set




Thrusters 95/65


Fitness: 75/55, Ring rows, banded pull-ups, jumping pull-ups