Rob getting after Thrusters!

Great job with Tuesday’s wod! Lots of good effort and lots of good reps! Now let’s load up the barbell and go a little heavier for Wednesday. For strength we are hitting snatch grip deadlifts. Important points here: feet inside hips, drive those knees out, neutral spine and chest up! Your coach will show you the movement if you have questions. The loading on these is significantly less than normal deadlifts. Try thinking in terms of loads you aspire to snatch, and work with that or a bit higher to get comfortable with that first pull.


Snatch Grip Deadlift



“Sands of Time”

3 Rounds with a 4 Minute Clock


Round 1

400 Meter Run with Sandbag 40/20

Max front squats in remaining time 155/105

1 Minute Rest

Round 2

400 Meter Run with Sandbag

Max HSPU in remaining time

1 Minute Rest

Round 3

400 Meter Run with Sandbag

Max Power Cleans in remaining time 155/105


** FITNESS-95/65, Push-ups with elevated feet

Part B

Rest for approximately 1 minute. . .

Tabata Hollow Rock