So we are starting work in the gym on Thursday! I’m trying to get this done ASAP but it looks like Friday evening classes might be a casualty, so try to get a good workout in before that. Stay tuned to the blog and I’ll make an announcement Thursday night about hours based on what it looks like after day 1. We’ll still have 5:30 and 6:30 AM on Friday regardless. And I’m trying to leave the weekend classes untouched and just program around it depending on the weather.

If this really disturbs your training, maybe I can do an Open gym on Saturday at 7am. Or, text me and we can arrange a makeup session that I’ll coach you through. . .though you might regret that, lol.

Also, next week some new equipment will be arriving including some more ski ergs and GHD machines. I’m really psyched about this as it will open up some new programming possibilities. So hang in there!



Cal Assault Bike

Cal Rower

Abmat sit-ups

**Female Calories will be: 40-32-24-16-8

The flow will be as follows: If we have more than 7 in a class, one group will start on rower, one will start on assault bike and proceed from there. You might want to pick someone of similar height and/or speed to follow.

If it bottlenecks at any point, you have a choice to either plank, or hang from a bar while waiting. But we’ll be active for the entire time.