Happy Hump Day everyone! Due to the fact that we only have 6 people signed up for Barbells for Boobs, I’ve decided to have the fundraiser on Saturday, November 18th at 9 am. This will give you all a little more time to sign up. You are not expected to raise a lot of money, but if you do, great!! This is a fundraiser we’ve been doing for 7 years and usually raise at least $2500 + as a team every year. It’s a way to raise money for a great cause as well as an opportunity to come together as a community doing so. Click on the link HERE to register. Don’t forget to join the Thor Fitness team. I get email notifications every time someone joins. There have been some issues with this, so let me know if you need help.

Tonight is weightlifting at 6:15 with Mike. I will be coaching the CrossFit class at the same time. 



Push press + push jerk + split jerk

1+1+1 x 5

progression in weight


Rd 1

400 meter run

Rest 1 min

Rd 2

400 meter run

20 push jerk 95/65 RX+ 115/85

Rest 2 min

Rd 3

400 meter run

20 push jerk

15 T2B

Rest 3 min

Rd 4

400 meter run

20 push jerk

15 T2B

10 overhead squats

LEVEL 1: 45#/25#, 200 meter run

*** Keep track of your time w rest. Score is total time


1. Snatch deadlift + muscle snatch + ohs + snatch balance

(3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3) x 3. Start light and use as a warm up

2. Tempo back squat + back squat (2 + 2) x 5. On tempo back squat 3 sec descent, 2 second pause at bottom. Normal speed on regular back squat.

3. 3 sets 5 – 10 strict pull ups. Hold 2 seconds at top, 2 sec descent, 2 sec hold in hang pos.