If you haven’t noticed, I was in the middle of posting the wod for Tuesday (late Monday night) when my blog went down. So when you all woke up, there was no blog and no workout. I did get it up by mid morning, but did some of you panic when you had no idea what the wod was and it was time to come in and workout?? Well, just so you all know, CrossFit is the unknown and the unknowable. When you come to Thor Fitness, we prepare you for the unknown and the unknowable every day when you tackle these functional fitness wods. What we do at Thor Fitness prepares you for what you do in every day life. Have you ever done a Bicep curl or lateral raise throughout the day? No, but I bet you have done some kind of deadlift or push press when picking something up or putting something up on a shelf over your head. So keep in mind that what you are doing every time you enter the gym is compound functional movements that will aid you in every day life and if you keep it up, will keep you out of the nursing home. Yes!! The nursing home!

By the way, look at that handsome devil up top, Nero, Thor Fitness’s mascot and my little baby.


Every 3 min x 4 sets

3 overhead squats (choose your weight)

12/10 cal row

CrossFit WOD:


power snatches 95#/65#

Box jumps 20″


power snatches


Box jumps 24″


power snatches 135#/105#

box jumps 30″