Just a few announcements:

This Saturday is Flex on the Beach competition in Long Beach. We have six teams of four competing in the scaled division. The first of three wods starts at 10:30 a.m. This is a great day to come out and show support for the Thor Fitness teams. There will be vendors to buy some new CrossFit gear as well as food, protein bar companies ect.  Everything CrossFit!! You might even see some CrossFit super stars hanging out too. There will be hundreds of teams competing, and the weather is going to be beautiful. The competition will be on the beach as well as on the boardwalk. I’m super proud of all the teams who have been working hard together preparing for this competition. And props to Craig who was able to fill in last minute for one of our teams short a man last minute! 

Due to the fact that Kristen, Mike and myself will be competing, I called my BFF, Joe G to come in and coach the 8 and 9 am class. We both coached together 10 years ago (when he was a baby and me not so much) at CrossFit Old Bethpage. And then he was one of my coaches when I opened my first box. You are in good hands! You’re going to love Joe. Be sure to come in and get your workout in before you head out to Long Beach. I will post the address.

October is the month we usually hold Barbells for Boobs. I will let you know we will have this fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. Usually it’s a Saturday.

And the last announcement, I will be bringing in Kettle bell Kitchen to our gym.I have some information pamphlets on my desk, and I asked to have some samples of food brought in. This is a company that you can pick from a healthy menu for breakfast, lunch and dinnner. Meals are delivered twice a week to Thor Fitness. I’ll keep you posted with more information when I know the cooler will be delivered.

STRENGTH (group on the clock)

Take 10 minutes to establish another Flex on the beach complex:

snatch (power or squat)  + 2 overhead squats

CrossFit WOD:


min 1: 10 power snatches 115/75  RX+ 135/95

min 2:12 box jumps 24/20 RX+ 30/24

min3: 50 du’s