Keep up the good work everyone! I’ve been looking at a lot of data. They’re finding that many of the bad outcomes are present in people with the exact metabolic issues that we as crossfitters fight. Insulin resistance, blood sugar related issues, diabetic conditions etc. So continue your healthy habits even in quarantine. Stay away from the sugar, hydrate, continue to exercise but not too much. Being overworked knocks down the immune system and affects cortisol levels which affects immunity as well.

Let’s get our rest when we need it!

This metcon is not a ton of cardio but its a burn and might take longer than you think.


Part A

100 Air Squats

100 Crunches

100 Reverse Crunches

(unpartitioned-try to hang on for a long set of the crunches)

Part B


4 rounds of

:20 Second Superman

:20 Hip bridges (push through heels)

:20 seconds rest