Where do you live?

I live in Stony Brook with my wife and 3 boys. ( Michael 11, Matthew 8 and Anthony 6).

What brought you to Thor Fitness?

Facebook. In March 2017, I saw the 6 week challenge advertised on Facebook. I wasn’t sure if CrossFit was for me. I have had a lot of injuries and surgeries over the years. (Too many to list.) I set up an appointment with Patty and expressed my concerns.. She explained to me how workouts can be scaled to the athletes abilities. I started in April 2017 and I’m still here today.

What were your goals? Have you achieved them?

My main goal was to get into better shape and drop some weight. I started the challenge at about 240 lbs. It was the heaviest I ever weighed. I wasn’t felling good and didn’t like how I looked. At one point I was down to 195 lbs. I have since leveled off around 205 lbs. I was able to drop 2 pants sizes and have been able to maintain this. I push myself as hard and far as I can. One thing I have learned is to pace myself. This has helped get the most out of my workouts. Its not about how fast I get through the workout or how much weight I can pile on. Good form has helped me prevent any injuries. I feel stronger than I ever was. I feel I have accomplished my initial goals.

What do you do when you are not at the gym?

I do a lot with my boys. I coach ice hockey and soccer. Seven days a week, all hours of the day we are on the ice or on a soccer field. Some mornings we are up at 4:45am just to get on the ice. Crazy. I have recently introduced my wife to Thor Fitness. Sometimes it’s a family outing to CrossFit so we can workout. I have been a police officer for 19 years. 5 years was with the NYPD and the last 14 have been with the Nassau County Police Department.

What crossFit exercise or lifts are your favorite and least favorite?

My favorite exercise is deadlifts. I feel comfortable with them. I also enjoy jumping rope. Day 1 I couldn’t do a single jump rope. Now I am able to do over 100 without stopping consistently. I still can’t do double unders. (Rome wasn’t built in a day. One day I’ll figure it out.) I do not like overhead squats. I have so much trouble. I can’t seem to figure them out.

Any other tid bit info…
This year I plan on attempting my first MURPH ( or part of it). Hopefully there are a few more things I can challenge myself with this year with my workouts.






MIN 1 17/12 cal row

MIN 2 15 goblet squats 53/35

MIN 3 (5 push press 95/65 + 30 du’s)