Here’s an athlete profile from Frank Milito! 

Where do you live?


What brought you to Thor Fitness?

I had always wanted to try CrossFit. I had tried CrossFit a while back with my neighbor who was into it. We worked out in his garage, and I thought it was ok but decided not to pursue it. I’ve been an athlete and in a gym most of my life and was getting tired of the daily gym routine of just lifting weights at the main stream gyms. I missed being an athlete and being part of a team and wanted to incorporate more athletic type movements and workouts into my routine instead of just running. So it came to a point where I was so bored at the gym that I wanted to give up lifting all together, but I knew I could never do that because lifting was such a huge part of my life so I decided I was going to give CrossFit a shot again and give it a real chance. I researched local CrossFit gyms and talked to the owners, who asked me about my athletic and gym background. I was not impressed by what they had to say or what they had to offer until I called Thor Fitness and spoke with Patty, who was way more laid back and easier to talk to and her programming was a lot more appealing to me. She insisted I come down and check out a class and give a few a try and we’d take it from there. Well I did and I’m still here a year later!!

What were your goals? Have you achieved them?

Well my goals are ever evolving so they keep me motivated to keep going and improve. But my initial goals when starting CrossFit were to learn Muscle Ups and become a more well rounded athlete. In my first week at CrossFit I got my ring Muscle Ups as a shock to myself and probably those there to witness it. I had also gotten my double unders and PR’d both my deadlift and my back squat. I’m setting new goals for the future and hoping to hit them sooner than later.

What do you do when you are not at the gym?

When I’m not at the gym I am usually home hanging out with my wife Danielle (who recently has started here at Thor Fitness) and my 5 month old son, Matthew, or I am out hunting or training with my young hunting dog, Scout.

What CrossFit exercises or lifts are your favorite or least favorite?

I’d have to say that my favorite lift by far is Deadlifts. I also enjoy cleans and jerks because they allow you to move heavy weight. I also really enjoy double unders, tire flips and rope climbs and bodyweight exercises like pull ups and muscle ups. If I had to choose my least favorite exercises I’d have to say they are wall balls and snatches, though I still do them so I can improve my technique.

Any other tid bit of info……

Anyone who is on the fence about CrossFit all I have to say is, ignore the hype and misinformation thats out there and just give it a try. The hardest part is getting out of your comfort zone and just taking the first step through the doors. You can adjust the workouts to your abilities and you’ll have a great support system behind you.



Check out the standards for the In house Throwdown!! Get a partner! Throw down will be Sunday, July 23rd. There will be three wods averaging 10 minutes with three different levels. Everyone can do this!!


RX 95/65 thruster, pull ups, 53/35 kbs, T2B, Du’s

SCALED 65/45 thruster, ring rows, 35/26 kbs, knee raises, single under

LEVEL 1 45/25 thruster,  ring rows, 26/18 kbs, knee raises, single under


Lets tackle another benchmark workout today.


Bench press


CrossFit WOD:

“Fight Gone Bad”

3 RDS:

max reps 1 min stations:

wall balls 20#/10’ 14#/9′

sdhp 75/55

box jumps 24”/20”

push press 75/55

row (cal)

1 min rest