If anyone is interested in competing locally in February, here’s a team competition that will be held as GrassFed CrossFit in Medford. We have a few teams (1 male/1 female) registered. Check out the details HERE

And on another note, the CrossFit Open is upon us!! Who is up for the challenge … again? Don’t forget to register. I think it’s pretty awesome there are so many more categories over the years so that every CrossFitter no matter what level or experience can be a part of this.  Not sure what the Open is? Check it out HERE



5 x 3

CrossFit WOD:

21 db snatch rt arm 35#/20# RX+ 40#/25#

  21 db snatch left arm 

21 T2B

18 db snatch rt arm

18 db snatch left arm

18 T2B

15 db snatch rt arm

15 db snatch left arm

15 T2B

12 db snatch rt arm

12 db snatch left arm

12 T2B

9 db snatch rt arm

9 db snatch left arm

9 T2B