I’d like to inform and update you all on upcoming competitions/events/fund raisers …

Strong Is Beautiful comp June 28th. There are very few scaled spots left. Click HERE for more info on the standards.

Also there is the Epic Throwdown in St. James on June 29th. Click HERE for more info on the standards and the workouts.

The 2015 Murph challenge. The gym will be closed Monday, Memorial Day. We’ll be doing Murph and scaled versions of Murph on Sunday , May 24th.  I’ll be adding an additional class at 8 am with the 9 and 10. If you’re coming in that day I will have a sign up sheet posted on the White board with 15 – 18 spots for each class.  You must sign up if you want to come in and do this workout. No Exceptions will be made. Don’t forget to register and sign up.


 Overhead squat (15 min)

Find your 3 RM

CrossFit WOD:

amrap 15 min:

8 power snatches

10 jack knive sit ups

12 box jumps

RX 115#/75#; 24″/20″

RX+ 135#/95#; 30″/24″


With a partner alternating

10 rds:

250 meter row

10 burpees