Props to everyone who came in and tackled Fight Gone Bad, especially the 5:30 am crew!!  You guys rock!!

Don’t forget to start your fundraising page for Barbells For Boobs.  It’s very easy.  Click Here and create your individual page.  In the process of creating this page, join the Thor Fitness team when asked if you want to join a team.  This is about fundraising for a great cause and it’s also about coming together as a community.   I only do two fundraisers a year, Barbells for Boobs and Murph.  If you’re all not into doing this, I will not participate in any kind of fundraising in the future.  Your lack of participation will let me know if we should continue in the future with fundraising.


Bench press


CrossFit WOD:

50 air squats

5 power snatches 95#/65# RX+ 115#/85# L1 55#/35#

40 air squats

10 power snatches

30 air squats

15 power snatches

20 air squats

20 power snatches

10 air squats

25 power snatches

Extra Credit:

2 rds NFT:

2 rope climbs

25″ handstand walk or  1 min static hold handstand against the wall


Willie representing the Masters had a score of 282 RX for Fight Gone Bad!  Nice work Willie!