The Long Island Fitness League is starting Saturday, October 25th at Thor Fitness from 11 to 2.  We have a scaled and an RX team so far with part of a scaled team looking for another scaled male to join.  If you’re interested, please let me know ASAP.  Thanks!

And on another note, Coach Kristen would like to put together a Halloween bash on Saturday, November 1st.  What do you all think?  I’ll have further details tomorrow.



5 x 4

Add 5 to 10 # from last week

CrossFit WOD:

1000 meter row buy in:

3 rds:

20 box jumps 24″/20″ RX+ 30″/24″

5 hspu RX+ deficit hspu 45# plates

2 rope climbs RX+ legless

Level 1:

800 meter row buy in:

20 box jumps 14″/11″

5 strict shoulder press 25#/15# or box hspu

2 modified rope climbs